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The truth shall be found!

Aletheia Legal Investigations
​Transcription Services

"The truth shall be found."
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  1. Missing/Lost Person Investigations
    Missing/Lost Person Investigations
    Demonstrated experience in locating missing persons or lost persons. Local, regional, and national search experience. No rock left upturned and no lead left hanging.
  2. Traffic Collision/Arrest Investigations
    Traffic Collision/Arrest Investigations
    Almost 30 years experience investigating, documenting, and reviewing traffic collision and arrest documentation.
  3. Criminal and Civil Investigations
    Criminal and Civil Investigations
    30 years investigative experience specializing in complex criminal and civil cases. Conservatorship, quardianship, and step parent adoption investigations, and most civil litigation. Discrete, confidential, comprehensive, and as our motto says, "The truth shall be found."
  4. Background Investigations
    Background Investigations
    Comprehensive, timely, and complete background investigations for private persons and public entities. Certified POST Background Investigator for law enforcement, dispatch, jail, and non-uniformed law enforcement, fire, public safety agency background investigations.
  5. Site Safety and Emergency Action Planning
    Site Safety and Emergency Action Planning
    Comprehensive site safety evaluations, reviews, and recommendations specializing in houses of worship and gatherings. Development of Emergency Action Plans and Emergency Action Training.
  6. SKIP Tracing
    SKIP Tracing
    Comprehensive and extensive SKIP tracing investigation experience. No rock left untouched and no information left hanging. If someone has skipped out on their financial or personal obligations, Aletheia Legal Investigations can help.
Process of Service
In addition to an array for investigative service, safety assessments, and legal transcription, Aletheia Legal is also a full service provider of Process of Serve.  From Summons and Complaints, Notices, Judgements, and any other legally required Process of Serve, Aletheia Legal Investigations prides itself on timely, efficient, and cost effective service of all legal documents.  All Process of Serves are provide on a flat rate fee schedule with a minimum of three attempts to serve, plus mileage (current IRS rate .545/mile).​  Give us a call and let us do the leg work for your.
Fee Schedule
The truth shall be found!
Licsensed and insured - full service private investigation company
Experienced, descrete, comprehensive, timely, dedicated full service private investigation company comitted to providing the highest quality investigations for your private, corporate, and/or government needs.